Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Update on Max's doings

Max has had a busy few months, these are some of the events I captured on my little phone. He was in a talent show, we had no idea he had signed up to play piano for his talent, he doesn't play piano so you can imagine we were a little caught off guard. But he was not a bit shy about the two note song he had made up and just got up and played it then took a bow and sat down.

He also did pretty well with his pinewood derby car that he himself designed. He put quite a bit into it and was perfectly willing to take input on how to do things from dad. At first it was really slow but then he ran it backwards and dropped his time by quite a bit and even came in first on a couple races.

Max and I got some new pets, mine is named Gator because she likes to hunt low to the ground and then burst at her prey with open mouth and surprising speed. Her unsuspecting prey doesn't know what hit em until they are in her crushing jaws of death. Max's is named Cocoa Spot, I'm not really sure why but she has a little heart shape on her head.

 Gator is the one on the left. Cocoa Spot is up front for her glam shot.

Sweet Lizzie holding one of the Leopard Geckos. They love to be held. They will crawl all over your shoulders and tickle your neck with their snouts and tongues.

Max also helped Dad out working on the breaks of his sweet red truck. Max actually did very well and shows signs of being very mechanical minded. I tightened up the bolts he did and they were already very tight I doubt I got a tenth of a turn on them after he was done. The jack was a bit of a struggle but he figured out how to manipulate his weight against it.

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Pam said...

He's such a freakin cutie!!!